Follow Mommy Fridays

Welcome back to FMF where every week  I shine the spotlight on a very special mommy that I think is pretty cool 😎 This week our feature is a Successful Vlogger and Influencer.  She's also a Single mom of 4 beautiful children from Las Vegas. Meet Sabrina Miller I've followed Sabrina for a couple of … Continue reading Follow Mommy Fridays

Hey Mama's welcome back to Follow Mommy Fridays Every week ( I took off last week to celebrate 2 of my childrens birthday ) I shine the spotlight on a very special mommy that inspires me and I think will inspire you as well. Today's Mommy that you should be following is The Fresh Mom … Continue reading Follow Mommy Fridays

Follow Mommy Fridays

Are Resolutions Bad ?

Resolution: A firm decision to or not to do something; the action of solving a problem, dispute or contentious matter. Goals:  The end toward which effort is directed So what exactly is wrong is setting Resolutions again 🤔 Everyday is a new opportunity to be better and do better , SO WHY NOT ACT ON … Continue reading Are Resolutions Bad ?

Follow Mommy Fridays

  Hey mama's, Welcome to my very 1st Every Friday I will Shining the Spotlight on a special mommy that inspires and motivates me. I know of some really special mommies and I'm so excited to share them with you. Today's Follow Mommy Fridays feature is Nakia Purefoy.   She's a wife, amazing mother of … Continue reading Follow Mommy Fridays

Strong Mommy

Stability Finances Self Sufficient Quality time Extracurricular activities Food shopping Laundry What's Eli doing?   Just a snippet of the list of concerns that run through my head any given day, quite frankly any given hour if I'm to be honest. When I was a mom with a husband and an extremely supportive, hands on … Continue reading Strong Mommy

Mommy Burn Out

Hey Mommies, So yeah it has taken me over two weeks to post again 😱. My intention is to post 2x times a week. Quite honestly this is another safe zone for me to purge and encourage any other mommy who thinks she's a horrible mom and help her realize she isn't. Motherhood is an … Continue reading Mommy Burn Out