img_20180712_0944502Grateful for an empty sink this morning. As a stay at home of three under 6. It’s gets real around here, the task of staying on top of cooking(yet there’s never anything to eat) , cleaning, doctor appointments, countless evaluations as we prepare for the upcoming school year. Throw in poopy diapers, sneaking to take out the trash ( because once I open the door they all make a run for it) all this on 2-3 hours of sleep a day some weeks ( ADHD I don’t like you). .
The smell of bleach, my sore left arm and this empty sink before 10am (I’ve been trying to write this for 10 minutes lol) let’s me know I’m doing a good job and not to stress because in due time what was once a sticky mess can be Bright,.clean and sparkly when you sacrifice the time,. discipline yourself as you embrace a planner and teach yourself time management skills. But also keeping in mind it’s ok to not be perfect, those dishes will pile up again as laundry overflows. It will all get done in due time….
In the meantime pick up some clothes in the clearance aisle at Target and be in the moment as your daughter wants to play hide and seek for the 5th time or as you push your son on the swing and watch his face glow as he takes in the beauty of the sky.
I know it’s hard,. parents (like really hard some days) but we were created for this. Ask for help, pray for your tribe to find you, let the tears out , hold people accountable, but don’t give up, don’t you dare give up. I promise it will get easier ❤️ #checkonyourmommyfriends #checkonyourfriends #motherhood #intentionalparenting #babies #toddlers #specialneedsmom #asdmom #adhdmom #mommyneedsatimeout #workingmom #sahm #wahm #singlemom #momofthree #singlemomswintoo #notastatistic

God bless all of you who continuously check on me, pray for me, support my efforts and believe in all of my goals (despite it not being the norm). #faithofamustardseed #ThankyouLord #motheringainteasy #njmom #selfcare #momcare #advocate #summer18 #parks #splashpark #chuckiecheese #nosleep #imissnaps

Published by Jeany

My name is Jeany Sulpha and I am a Stay at Home Mom to a rambunctious 5 year old little guy and 2 beautiful girls 3 and 6 months old. This blog is about my struggles and successes as a Christian, mother , advocate and aspiring entrepreneur trying to be the best Proverbs 31 woman God called me to be. I look forward to inspiring you on this journey. #beblessed! Check out my Facebook group for more y fun - Mommy Needs A Time Out!

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