Mission accomplished on the 1st day!

My big Three, My unexpected blessing Journey❤
FYI you can totally conceive and create beautiful life on day 1 of your ovulation cycle 🙎🏾‍♀️🤰🤷‍♀️ lol . I did want a 3rd child but actually wanted to try after 35 but God had other plans. I even had it on my vision board

I’m grateful tho had I waited Journey wouldn’t be here refusing to wean, climbing all the chairs and chucking my phone
With as many regrets I have about the decisions Ive made in the last decade my children are certainly not one.

Her name was supposed to be Eden whether she ended up being a boy or girl #Teamgreen. But after a 3rd and final separation with my husband leaving when i was 6 months into my pregnancy and a whirlwind of chaos/emotional turmoil up to her delivery it confirmed for a fact that:

1. I earned a J name to represent me

2. Whether it be a boy or girl they would be my reminder of the beauty that results from what some may perceive to be ashes.

When I look at my beautiful Journey I’m always reminded of God’s grace and mercy towards me ❤

You would be surprised how much you can accomplish on day 1. Healthy mindset, better decisions, covenant friendships. What’s holding you back from stepping into your day 1, that will open the door to you fully walking into your life’s purpose?

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