Hey🤗  Welcome to Follow Mommy Fridays


Every Friday I shine the spotlight on a special Mommy that inspires and motivates me.

Today’s Follow Mommy Friday’s feature is Sylvie Saintus-Osias


She’s a wife, mother of 3, A Social Worker and literally a Jackie of all trades, She is the Founder of New Vision Ministry – their mission is to help international organizations in their Fundraising efforts and She is also the Overseer of Love and Fellowship Community Choir.

*Sidebar: If you’re in the Tri- State area Check out their next concert


She truly is my #1 Supporter, there isn’t a goal or desire I share with her that she doesn’t encourage me to pursue . Like literally If I told her I felt called to open a daycare on Mars, she would be sending me emails daily breaking down the 10 steps to making it happen.  She is a Sister, Confidant, Mentor, Queen of Petty all wrapped in one.

After my separation, I had to move out of my home 5 weeks post c-section. Sylvie emptyied out her minvan, left her home in Willingboro, drove to Union NJ . She helped the team pack/coordiante, then commenced to drive with me to Philadelphia, assisted as we settled in, made a Target run with me before she went home back to Willingboro.

Here’s the kicker , she did all of this without me ever ASKING and she was a WHOPPING 8 months pregnant 🤰🏾 with her 3rd child.

We all need a Sylvie on our team , she strives for greatness in all areas of her life and she pushes everyone in her circle to be their best.

This is where I would usually insert Q & A but I wasn’t able to trick her into answering my questions so I’ll just insert more cute pictures of her 😁

* Give her a birthday shout out, She turned 33 yesterday -Whoop Whoop💝🎂🍹


Be sure to follow her on all things Social Media




17 thoughts on “FOLLOW MOMMY FRIDAYS

  1. Its so lovely that you have a dedicated post to share and celebrate another person on your blog and I enjoyed reading about Sylvie. I would love to have someone like Sylvie in my life.


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