Losing my mind over Ketchup

My ketchup ran out couple weeks ago and no matter how many times I’ve stopped by the market I forget to get more. Certain things my son eats I have to dab a little ketchup to get him to eat it.

For lunch I remembered once again we were out and I’m getting frustrated looking for random ketchup packets to no avail and suddenly I look up and 😶 these have been there for months and I completely forgot.


What’s your point Jeany?

My point is sometimes we become stressed, angered, depressed searching for an answer, trying to find a resolution high and low under every crevice failing to realize the solution was right in front of your face.


God already made provision, but we are so consumed by the issue sometimes we dont even look for a way,We just sit there and drown in the problem. When my friend purchased this jumbo pack for our event in my head I’m like whoa she can take the rest home I’m never going to use all of that. But little did I know today I would be a flustered mom trying to adjust to constant transition as I work to become financially independent and self sufficient about to lose my grip because I can’t find ketchup.


Stop stressing and seek the Lord cause he has already made provision for your struggle. Your sin is no surprise to Him, your broken heart is no surprise, your confusion is no surprise. We are surrounded by God given resources,we are blessed with many inate skills it’s up to us to look up and tap into them.




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21 thoughts on “Losing my mind over Ketchup

  1. Haha I love the hashtag at the end! Taking a step back and remembering what you have can be so difficult at times but so necessary! -Tonya Morris


  2. I think that it happens to all of us. The solution is simple though, just write it down on your shopping list next time you go to the store. Or go back when you remember. There is no need to get angry over small issues.


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