Follow Mommy Fridays

Welcome back to FMF where every week  I shine the spotlight on a very special mommy that I think is pretty cool 😎


This week our feature is a Successful Vlogger and Influencer.  She’s also a Single mom of 4 beautiful children from Las Vegas.

Meet Sabrina Miller


I’ve followed Sabrina for a couple of years,  I love that she is so personable. I like her  videos Sabrina’s Vlog because I enjoy watching how present and active she is with her children. Her content encourages me to be more present and intentional on my motherhood journey.  She also has some dope Deep cleaning videos from cleaning out her kitchen to de-cluttering closets.

I was able to Get some Q & A with Sabrina check it out ⬇️


What Accomplishments are you most proud of?

A.  My proudest accomplishment is my children. I had hard pregnancy and them being here reminds me of GOD’s love and HIS strength.



What advice for any mom, nervous to pursue entrepreneurship?

A. Just do it!  Stop overthinking and learn as you go.



Any new and exciting things that you would like to share?

A. I have so many things I working on. I have my blog that I been putting a lot of working Sabrina’s Blog plus I am working on courses and books coming soon.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Follow Mommy Friday and be sure to check out Sabrina’s  Vlog and Blog.


Until next time 😘 Be Blessed



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