Follow Mommy Fridays

Hey Mama’s welcome back to Follow Mommy Fridays Every week ( I took off last week to celebrate 2 of my childrens birthday ) I shine the spotlight on a very special mommy that inspires me and I think will inspire you as well. Today’s Mommy that you should be following is The Fresh Mom […]

Losing my mind over Ketchup

My ketchup ran out couple weeks ago and no matter how many times I’ve stopped by the market I forget to get more. Certain things my son eats I have to dab a little ketchup to get him to eat it. For lunch I remembered once again we were out and I’m getting frustrated looking […]

Are Resolutions Bad ?

Resolution: A firm decision to or not to do something; the action of solving a problem, dispute or contentious matter. Goals:  The end toward which effort is directed So what exactly is wrong is setting Resolutions again 🤔 Everyday is a new opportunity to be better and do better , SO WHY NOT ACT ON […]

Follow Mommy Fridays

  Hey mama’s, Welcome to my very 1st Every Friday I will Shining the Spotlight on a special mommy that inspires and motivates me. I know of some really special mommies and I’m so excited to share them with you. Today’s Follow Mommy Fridays feature is Nakia Purefoy.   She’s a wife, amazing mother of […]

Time to close some tabs

Hey mama’s 😁 So today I’m doing a brain dump and before I started I wanted to share with you real quick. As moms I’m sure you have experienced at one point or another the anxiety and fatigue tied to having so many responsibilities and your brain is trying to track it all. Between doctors […]

It all gets done in due time

Grateful for an empty sink this morning. As a stay at home of three under 6. It’s gets real around here, the task of staying on top of cooking(yet there’s never anything to eat) , cleaning, doctor appointments, countless evaluations as we prepare for the upcoming school year. Throw in poopy diapers, sneaking to take […]